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In the battle against bad foods, a group of fierce culinary masterminds minds gathered to show to the world that healthy eating can be delicious. What these women all shared in common was their love and respect for Tempeh. Although it is gaining popularity, Tempeh, is still a relatively unknown product. The challenge was in coming up with a fun and interesting way to open the world’s eyes to this healthy delicious food.


The brand mark, website and attitude of Tempeh Girls is that of a rogue group of Cowgirls. The attitude is that they are on the frontier of culinary exploration and they are going to blaze their way through anything. This wild-west-pseudo-comic-book-hero group of women was illustrated in order to further characterize them. The hand-crafted logo is rugged and beautiful at the same time, and it borrows from old western typesetting forms. The site is a highly active blog that pushes recipes, news, and anything related to Tempeh.

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