poems in time Two Decades, Four Years
poems in time Six Measures in Five Eights
poems in time Twelve Footsteps
poems in time One Year and Three Heartbeats
poems in time Nine Months, One Earthquake
poems in time Five Blinks

Poems In Time

A series of digital works, this project is inspired by Newton’s law of conservation of energy. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form. Some people apply this theory to their belief in ghosts and equate that a person’s soul is energy, therefore when they leave their material body, their energy goes elsewhere—a belief in reincarnation of sorts.

While I don’t believe in ghosts, this project explores the idea of energy—the collective energy of a whistling city—and an attempt to capture this movement of energy through the decades and even centuries. Each images is analogous to an imaginary long exposure shot, taken over a few days, years or decades. The result is a massive collection of movement and energy that is surprisingly still, quiet and insightful.

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