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Central DuPage Hospital


A Sharepoint-based intranet system was implemented for Central DuPage Hospital. This comprehensive system allowed staff to organize and collaborate within and between departments, making almost every process more streamlined and secure. The problem was that the staff was reluctant to try it and lacked excitement as well as displayed many concerns.


The approach was two-fold: 1-the intranet itself was given a thorough re-design that made it much more user friendly and exciting; and 2— the intranet itself was branded and marketed in order to create excitement among the staff. The system was branded as “Corridors,” an open, fast-paced place that connects people and departments. In order to facilitate the transition to start using Corridors, “Cori” was created— a helping guide to the new intranet. Cori was given the form of a very personable robot and a marketing campaign was executed throughout the hospital in order to generate buzz and excitement.

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